The Glover Tower

Project Summary

The Glover Tower is a timeless commercial property that offers a work environment that fosters growth, creativity, and collaboration. It is an incredible structure with a monolithic building form that creates a continuous and enclosed sloping design, a landmark design with exceptional quality.

The Glover Tower is a classic addition to the commercial Ikoyi district, sitting on 1932.39sqm plot of land on Glover Road, Ikoyi.

Designed to work according to American and British standards, this remarkable development has an energy-efficient MEPF system and it is built with energy-saving façade elements. It is completely double-glazed on all sides and features a collection of equipment and systems that will help monitor, regulate, and control power consumption.

From the UPS backed up elevators with access and destination control and the sophisticated HVAC system to the installed energy-saving light fixtures and PV panels, this premium development is an expression of increased comfort for businesses as well as a smart investment for our investors.

It’s an attractive building that is designed based on the concept of ergonomics to provide a work environment that is well suited to the needs of users. The Glover stands tall at 75 meters. It boasts some unique features such as a crèche, a sickbay, a gym, a multipurpose hall, screening rooms, and exquisite business suites, which are rare additions to a typical commercial property. 

Project Specifics

Property Type

Commercial Property

Building Coverage on Site
0 m2
Total Site Area
0 m2
Number of Floors
Ground Floor
Parking Level Floors
Ancillary Floor
Business Club Level Floors
Office Floors
Roof Level Floor

Front Elevation

Site Layout

Typical Office Plan

Business Club

Project Benefits

The Glover Tower provides a well-designed and fully equipped work environment that can help you optimize the efficiency of your business and your employees.

With features such as high-speed internet, advanced technology, an ergonomic design, and modern amenities, your organization is equipped to optimize its modes of operation, improve productivity and profitability, and provide better service to customers. This will ensure greater satisfaction among employees and customers, promoting a healthy and productive work environment.

The Glover Tower is a high-end commercial property positioned to boast top-quality construction and best-in-class finishing. This development offers several unique features and top-end amenities that will consistently deliver best value to its occupants.

With the game-changing combination of location, aesthetics, amenities and ownership Payment structure, The Glover Tower offers to its PROP subscribers, a premium plus development, poised to appreciate considerably in asset value, while promising flexible liquidation periods and above market ROI if asset liquidation via sale is required in the
short, mid and long term.

The Glover Tower can be considered a risk bypass for subscribers because it provides a means for guaranteed ownership of a premium-plus commercial development without the exposure to developmental risks such as fluctuations in purchase price, property building costs, and other unexpected expenses associated with owning an A-grade commercial property within a certain period of time.

By subscribing to the PROP structure for acquisition and paying a fixed amount of rent for a certain period of time (10+ years), the lease agreement prevents and relieves subscribers from assuming these risks and instead allows subscribers to seamlessly acquire a premium-plus commercial property and enjoy the benefits it brings.

The Glover Tower is designed aesthetically and practically to offer users an atmosphere for both work and relaxation. The overarching goal of such a design concept is to ensure the valuable benefits of socialisation and collaboration.

By offering spaces such as lounges and business clubs for socialisation between staff and guests, The Glover Tower provides a more welcoming and productive atmosphere that can enhance the overall experience for users, visitors, and employees while simultaneously making the property more desirable and increasing its value amidst its peers.

Located in the impressive neighbourhood of Ikoyi, The Glover Tower is a premium-plus commercial property that offers its users the benefit of a prestigious address. Due to its reputation, history, and economic significance, Ikoyi is a prime location that’s considered high-status in every sense.

Thus, having an address in this prestigious location can benefit your business in a variety of ways. For one, your customers or clients may perceive your business as more successful, trustworthy, and professional. It also provides your business with a stronger competitive edge in attracting high-end customers or partners who prefer to do business with companies located in exclusive locations. Overall, a prestigious address in The Glover Tower can help enhance your business’s image and reputation, which will potentially lead to increased trust and more customers.

The Glover Tower enhances productivity by implementing ergonomics in its design. By prioritising ergonomic designs while having a mix of private and collaborative spaces, The Glover Tower boasts of a fitting work environment that suits users, improves comfort, safety, and job satisfaction, which ultimately boosts productivity for businesses.

The flexible and inclusive spaces in The Glover Tower allows employees to choose the setting that best suits their task and mood. These spaces are uniquely designed to cater to people with different physical abilities, such as those with mobility or sensory impairments.

Available Units

10 Floors of
Office Space

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